Life.life.life.oh life. With Life comes Death. In so many ways, i find them have one thing in common ( there could be more) Unpredictability. Death comes, in so many ways…slow, fast, but we never see it coming and though you think that’s it, no, the people who mourn will suffer for re-living the memories of the dead love ones and there are so many ways they try to cope with their grief; being strong,moving on, and facing the world full-on, or sit in the dark, in the corner feeling like there’s no one out there understands what you’re going through and there you go starting on self-destruction. Life, in so many ways too, unpredictable…..we may ,Yes, have a hand in our decision-making but it may change its course depending on your family, work,and environment around you. It’s like playing pool in a bar. In a pool’s game,you have a plan which is to win, comes with a glowing happiness ( and a winner’s mug of beer) so that was the plan. To win. All you need: a cue stick, white ball to down those solid or stripe balls in. A plan. But the unpredictability is depending on your opponent strength,skills and stamina against yours. That’s the excitement ( like any other games) . Then you starting to play, and you find yourself, or your opponent, distracted with the loud music, or people come and say hellos,hugs and whatsnots. So sometimes u either finish your game, or never.Unpredictability.


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